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By placing your order, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Cookie Design

Each cookie is handmade (with love!) and decorated fresh for you, so cookies may vary in appearance. We do not guarantee exact replicas of images provided to us as inspiration, however, we’ll do our best!

Any changes made to orders are subject to prior Mem's Cookie Kitchen approval and subject to appropriate price change, paid up front.

There will be no changes allowed 14 days prior to the pick-up date.


Orders are not finalized nor added to our schedule, until full payment is received. 

The date of the order is considered “booked” and confirmed only upon receipt of full payment.


We all know, things happen and occasionally plans need to change. A full refund for cancellations made 10 days before your scheduled pick-up date may be issued, subject to a 15% cancelation fee. No refund will be given, if a cancelation is made within 10 days of your scheduled pick-up date. By this point, I have invested in product and supplies for your order to be fulfilled properly, and on time. Unfortunately, I have also turned down other orders in order to take yours so that I can give each set the attention it needs to produce a quality product. But! The good news is, our cookies are heat sealed and you can still enjoy them as you'd like!

Order Pick Up

24-48 hours before to your scheduled pick-up date, you will receive an email to confirm the time and location in Sandy, Oregon. If you are running late on pick up day, please let us know ASAP for possible reschedule. If you are unable to make it to your scheduled pick-up time within 30 minutes, with no communication, your order will be donated. No refund will be provided, but my time and the cookies will not be wasted and will make a local family very happy!

Shipped Orders

We ship our orders using USPS or UPS. We do our best to package these cookies for the rough ride, but broken cookies are a possibility and a non-refundable risk you take when placing a shipped order. While we ship Priority, we can’t guarantee that “rain, sleet, snow or hail” won’t delay your order. Refunds cannot be offered – but know they are on their way. Once tracking information is provided on your finalized invoice, claims for lost orders can be placed through the specified mail carrier.


Mem's Cookie Kitchen is not responsible for bodily injury, property or consequential damage, which may result from products/services provided.

Mem's Cookie Kitchen is not responsible for any damage to the goods/services provided caused by anyone NOT employed by Mem's Cookie Kitchen.

Once the product leaves Mem's Cookie Kitchen's hands, we are not responsible for any damage done to the product during loading, transit, setup, storage, etc.

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